What Makes Shaolin Soccer the Best Martial Arts Movie Ever?

         This is not a review. This is a serious question. Why is the Steven Chow movie Shaolin Soccer so awesome?
             Yeah. That’s right. One guy kicks a soccer ball in a pool, and another guy a demolishes a wall with upside down kicks.  The movie has little martial value, but who really want to watch a movie with realistic, and brutal, fighting.  The reason I fell in love with Kung-fu films was not because it taught me to kick ass, but because of the exaggerated movies that the Wu-Shu actors could pull of in an exaggerated situation. It was not the punch, but Bruce’s “Waaaaahhhh!”, that I watched for. 
       This movie is all round fun. It is positive, and inspiring. There is nothing to learn from the moves, but they are practical applications of martial art. There are some fights, but they are so farfetched they are entertaining.   Next time you are in the video store trying to decide between Angela’s Ashes or Saw 27, grab Shaolin Soccer instead, and have an uplifting good time instead.

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  • Shang Lee

    One of my all time favourite movies!!

  • Jordan Keats

    Awesome, Shang. I haven't seen it in maybe five years, but it has left a lasting impression. Thanks for the comment,

  • One of the best martial arts comedy movies ever made.