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One Year of Twitter

Twitter is awesome and overwhelming. On March 4, 2009, I signed up – like millions of other people – to Twitter. Many of these millions of new users have been attributed to spam, advertisers, and ghost users, however the amount of real people posting quality links has kept me happily using Twitter. I use Twitter […]

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What Does Chen Style Taiji Look Like?‏

One of many lectures by Master Chen Zhonghua, at Taiji Traditions Camp, Shawnigan Lake, BC, was sparked by a question, “what makes Chen Taiji ‘Chen Taiji’?”. Master Chen drew a diagram of the four prominent characteristics of “Gong”: “Fa”, to issue power or energy, “Hua”, to neutralize the oncoming forces or energy,“Da”, to hit, and […]

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What Makes Shaolin Soccer the Best Martial Arts Movie Ever?

         This is not a review. This is a serious question. Why is the Steven Chow movie Shaolin Soccer so awesome? Check the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bREfcVPssiE               Yeah. That’s right. One guy kicks a soccer ball in a pool, and another guy a demolishes a wall with upside down […]

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My Youtube Posts

Here are a couple youtube videos I produced, nothing special. Worth a watch though. This first is a documentary called Time on Task, about the Victoria Chen Style Tai Chi Academy. The second is a slide show/ video from our school’s annual dinner. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fc9DKsXR8lc&hl=en&fs=1&]

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The Future of Tai Chi

After reading Matthew Honan’s article, Meet Online Friends in the Real World (Beware: It Will Be Weird), in the August ’09 issue of Wired Magazine, I was super reluctant to meet people in the Meatspace (I believe David Maguire coined the term) that I have met in Cyberspace. “Often, the trouble isn’t what you’re saying […]

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The Tao of Communication

Two mysteries: What is a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communications, and what is Tai Chi? Mention Prof. Comm., or Taiji, those two questions arise, followed by: “What can you do with with that Tai Chi practice?”, “Chi is like Zen, right?”, or “What can you do with an degree in Communications?”. The most common […]

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Gorillas do not lift weights, so why do you?

Have you ever wondered why gorillas are estimated to be fifty times as strong as a human, yet you never see one in a gym pumping iron? Or, how a little cat can jump up to and above ten feet in the air, when you never see them training to do so? They use internal […]

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