WordCamp Victoria 2011 Presentation: Bookmarklets create reputation because reputation relies on community & link building #WCV11


I’m Jordan Keats, Co-Founder of OutpostCommunications & GiveToo.ca. This is my presentation for Victoria Wordcamp 2011, thanks to Paul Holmes of Ideazone for organizing, to the sponsors, and to the researchers who published these findings.

Blank Slide: due to Slideshare’s youtube uploader.

Slide 2: Video of Virtual assistant Kim Starry

For self hosted WordPress accounts: Press This Reloaded

Slide 3: Install PT

Slide 4: Using PT

Slide 5: Bookmarklets create reputation because reputation relies on community & link building

Slide 6: Wellman & Hampton 2003: Neighbouring in Netville
“Wired Netville residents on average know the names of 25 neighbours as compared to 8 for the non-wired, they visit each other’s homes 50% more often, and the neighbours they know are spread more widely throughout Netville.”
We are remembering more people than ever before.

Slide 7: Minor League Hockey -> you bring your child (website/ blog) to the team (Internet) -> Meet the kids (twitter, fb, users) -> Meet the parents (Webmasters, Bloggers) ->

Slide 8: Janice makes the best sourdough bread +
Slide 9: Jordie makes amazing blackberry jam =
Slide 10: Delicious jam sandwiches for the kids.

Slide 11: Grow your community: A friend who has a blog about food, fitness, or fashion could be a source of content. Any page that relates to your topic or industry will help your reputation.

Build, relationships, references, resources.

Slide 12: Grow your readership by reblogging. People are producing blog posts that businesses can’t afford to write. Introduce the most interesting posts to your readers.

Link Teasing: nationalgeographic.com, about.com, walletpop.com, collegehumor.com, nytimes.com, holykaw.alltop.com, geekologie.com, gizmodo.com, geekosystem.combuzzfeed.com, or find popular posts on: Tweetmeme.com
Google search for keywords related to your industry, use PageRank to find which sites get quality traffic.

Add these sites to a RSS reader, such as Netvibes or Google Reader, and use the bookmarklet for these articles.

Check the comments of the post to see if WordPress has automatically added a trackback link, and if WP doesn’t add it automatically, add your trackback with a nice comment thanking them for the post.

3 Types of Internet communities: “Instrumental, final, commodified”, (Borgman, 2004).

“Membership in a final community must be voluntary. The dignity of everyone needs to be guarded. And when a final community extends beyond family and close friends, it must have open membership. Devotion to the community’s central concern must be the only requirement of membership.” – Is the Internet the Solution to the Problem of Community, by Albert Borgman, 2004.



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  • Alan Bowles

    Hi Jordan.nnThanks for your talk on Press This at Wordcamp Jan 2011. This was exactly what I needed for my website! (By the way, it appears most of the links on this page are not working).nnAlan Bowles

  • admin

    Thanks for coming and participating. I’ll fix the links later tonight, but they should work on: http://www.jordankeats.posterous.com/ – This was autoposted from there, and sometimes the links don’t carry over. Keep in touch, and let me know how this works for you,

  • Hi Jordan,nnI was excited to come across this on the Internet. Thanks for using my video in your presentation. I’m a newbie at making videos. nnThanks,nKim Starry

  • Haha – Hello Kim Starry, n I’m glad you found this on the Internet. You had the most concise tutorial on Press This I could find, but the video didn’t get played during the presentation because SlideShare doesn’t auto-play youtube videos. Do you have a tutorial for SlideShare? nnPosterous has a new slide show feature I’m excited about. Not sure if you can add embedded video on it or what control you have over creative, but learning is awesome.nKeep in touch,n Jordan