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WordCamp Victoria 2011 Presentation: Bookmarklets create reputation because reputation relies on community & link building #WCV11

Introduction: Hi, I’m Jordan Keats, Co-Founder of OutpostCommunications & GiveToo.ca. This is my presentation for Victoria Wordcamp 2011, thanks to Paul Holmes of Ideazone for organizing, to the sponsors, and to the researchers who published these findings. Blank Slide: due to Slideshare’s youtube uploader. Slide 2: Video of Virtual assistant Kim Starry For self hosted […]

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Music Post: Week Two of Serengeti Appreciation Month: Free Interesting Music

A quick post for the end of Week Two of Serengeti Appreciation Month. Serengeti’s album: ThunderValley (2006). Available Free from Audio 8 records: http://audio8.com/releases/A8015.html It’s odd but amazing musical storytelling. Two songs appearing in my Best of Serengeti playlist are Chocolate & Curse of the Polo. Chocolate is such a mind worm, it will creep […]

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Tai Chi Post: Always Wear Pants at Appropriate Level.

There are no formal uniforms for practicing Taiji. Any loose pants will do; however, you should not feel the pants touching your legs or let them restrict your movement in any way. In Hong Junsheng’s book, Chen Style Practical Method Taijiquan, Volume One: Theory, he writes “Light silk garment and soft belt/ The style of […]

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Serengeti Month: Post Two: Part 3 – Did I say Four Posts? (tags Serengeti, Music, Chicago)

Serengeti’s album: “Dennehy”, is the story of Kenny. A Fiero driving & O’Douls drinking “Superfan”. Kenny loves Brian Dennehy, the Chicago Bears, and his wife Jules. This album was re-released as “Dennehy – Lights, Camera, Action”, with more asides from Kenny, and a few new tracks. This album is a tribute to all things Chi-town, […]

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Serengeti Month: Post Two: Continued….

For some odd reason I was prevented from uploading this song to my last post. Here is the song Rich: Download now or listen on posterous 12-serengeti-rich-ftd.mp3 (6961 KB) After listening to Gasoline Rainbows at work today, I am less confident in how much this song represents the album. It’s the opposite message of every […]

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Serengeti Month: Post One: Why June is Serengeti Month

The inspiration for one of most recent posts: Playing Tai Chi in Subway Stations, was inspired by the trip to San Fransisco in February, my never-ending love for taiji, and my experience with the song: Playing in Subway Stations; by Chicago-based rapper David Cohn, aka Serengeti, and producer Polyphonic the Verbose, from the album: Terradactyl […]

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Playing Tai Chi in Subway Stations

In February, I went to train in Oakland, CA, with Nathan Heintz. Nate crashed at my house while he was in BC for Taiji Traditions Camp, in November (2009) at Shawnigan Lake, and I went to California so he could return the favour. Leaving Canada during the winter is awesome, and going to train in […]

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Wordcamp Victoria – May 15 2009

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Tai Chi-ers: Wouldn't you like to get away?

A few nights ago, as I was heading out to tai chi class, I found myself singing the theme song from the TV show: Cheers: “You want to go where you can know/ your troubles are all the same./ You want to go where everybody knows your name”. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPx1lPoYtSU&feature=related] Long before I ever tried a […]

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6 Months and 600 posts on Tumblr.com

Sheesh, I can stop Tumbling to write about Tumblr, right? Alright. This should be easy. Just let me reblog this hilarious .gif, there we go. Tumblr is a microblogging site, much like Twitter, but with far less limitations. It’s name comes from those clickers doormen use to count room occupancy. The numbers roll over, and […]

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