My Youtube Posts

Here are a couple youtube videos I produced, nothing special. Worth a watch though. This first is a documentary called Time on Task, about the Victoria Chen Style Tai Chi Academy. The second is a slide show/ video from our school’s annual dinner.


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  • Shang Lee

    Love what he said about losing the health aspects if do not train the martial aspects as well. I think a lot of people do have this misunderstanding.

  • Jordan Keats

    Thanks for the comment. We are doing are best to undo the damage the media has done to Taiji. There is no magic in tai chi, only skill.

  • wujimon

    Great video and love the inclusion of Radiohead's 'You Are All I Need' at the end. That's one of my favorite songs!

  • Jordan Keats

    Have you seen the official video? Perhaps someone else would like to, makes you feel lucky to be born where you have been: