Tai Chi Post: Always Wear Pants at Appropriate Level.

There are no formal uniforms for practicing Taiji. Any loose pants will do; however, you should not feel the pants touching your legs or let them restrict your movement in any way. In Hong Junsheng’s book, Chen Style Practical Method Taijiquan, Volume One: Theory, he writes “Light silk garment and soft belt/ The style of a gentleman/ Leisurely but prepared” (p. 72).

Last November, Taiji Traditions camp did some serious damage to my hip hop rep. During our afternoon workout, Master Chen Zhonghua said to me, “your pants are too low”. I hiked my belt’s level to my hip, but Master Chen still said, “too low”. I hiked my belt buckle above my bellybutton, and my mobility increased tenfold. 

There are no warm up stretches in Practical Method Taiji, and there are no uniforms. We rely on our preparedness for every situation. Don’t be a lookin’ like a fool. Keep your pants at the appropriate level:






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