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Would You Eat A Scorpion?

Pincers, body armor, a barbed-tail filled with paralyzing poison, second only to spiders: scorpions have to be the creepiest arachnid. We never worry about scorpions in Canada. Maybe when we escape to Arizona or Central America, during the famous Canadian winter, thoughts of poisonous night crawlers never cross our minds. My friend’s grandparents are “snow […]

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What Does Chen Style Taiji Look Like?‏

One of many lectures by Master Chen Zhonghua, at Taiji Traditions Camp, Shawnigan Lake, BC, was sparked by a question, “what makes Chen Taiji ‘Chen Taiji’?”. Master Chen drew a diagram of the four prominent characteristics of “Gong”: “Fa”, to issue power or energy, “Hua”, to neutralize the oncoming forces or energy,“Da”, to hit, and […]

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