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WordCamp Victoria 2011 Presentation: Bookmarklets create reputation because reputation relies on community & link building #WCV11

Introduction: Hi, I’m Jordan Keats, Co-Founder of OutpostCommunications & This is my presentation for Victoria Wordcamp 2011, thanks to Paul Holmes of Ideazone for organizing, to the sponsors, and to the researchers who published these findings. Blank Slide: due to Slideshare’s youtube uploader. Slide 2: Video of Virtual assistant Kim Starry For self hosted […]

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How to Enhance Email Posting to Wordpress wIth Posterous

How to Enhance Email Posting to WordPress wIth Posterous

Hello,             My name is Jordan Keats, and this is my amazing presentation about enhancing your email posts to your WordPress blog. The beginning of the presentation will be concerning the technical aspects of using Posterous with WordPress, and the second half will be applying what we’ve learned, followed by any questions you have. Thanks […]

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DJ Champion: Awesome Workout Music

Last weekend, March 7, 2010, I went to see DJ Champion at Sugar Nightclub, here in Victoria. House music is not my first choice for listening, but I can wash some serious dishes to it. Drop some sweet vocals and get five guitarists to create a wall of sound and you have: “the best dance […]

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The Future of Tai Chi

The Future of Tai Chi

After reading Matthew Honan’s article, Meet Online Friends in the Real World (Beware: It Will Be Weird), in the August ’09 issue of Wired Magazine, I was super reluctant to meet people in the Meatspace (I believe David Maguire coined the term) that I have met in Cyberspace. “Often, the trouble isn’t what you’re saying […]

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