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Life without a trace by Chen Zhonghua

Good deeds leave no traces behind; Good advice contains no blame;and Righteous calculations come without thought. The right closure needs no lock. Good ties cannot be undone even without a knot. Therefore, sages often save lives and not abandon them. They often save things and not discard them. This is called the transcendance of wisdom. […]

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What Does Chen Style Taiji Look Like?‏

One of many lectures by Master Chen Zhonghua, at Taiji Traditions Camp, Shawnigan Lake, BC, was sparked by a question, “what makes Chen Taiji ‘Chen Taiji’?”. Master Chen drew a diagram of the four prominent characteristics of “Gong”: “Fa”, to issue power or energy, “Hua”, to neutralize the oncoming forces or energy,“Da”, to hit, and […]

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