Serengeti Month: Post One: Why June is Serengeti Month

The inspiration for one of most recent posts: Playing Tai Chi in Subway Stations, was inspired by the trip to San Fransisco in February, my never-ending love for taiji, and my experience with the song: Playing in Subway Stations; by Chicago-based rapper David Cohn, aka Serengeti, and producer Polyphonic the Verbose, from the album: Terradactyl [sic]. Before I left Geti released a select few songs from Terradactyl on his myspace, and one song on youtube that I brushed off as too weird – Playing in Subway Stations:


The live performance of this song didn’t click with the Serengeti I had expected. Auto-tune? Singing? I disregarded the song and the video as some obscure experiment Serengeti is known to do. It wasn’t until I heard the album version of Subway Stations, on the Amtrak back from California, when I grew to appreciate this song. I had to rinse my cup of expectation before filling it with the great song of Playing in Subway Stations,

@DaveSerengeti has 58 followers on Twitter. Not that Twitter followers is any measure of success, but it took me four pages of a google search to find results for Serengeti, the musician. Africa’s diverse Serengeti plains are one of the ten natural travel wonders of the world, the World Cup starting in South Africa, and the Chicago Blackhawks one game away from possibly winning the NHL Finals: Conditions are right to make four blog posts focusing on Serengeti the musician.

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