DJ Champion: Awesome Workout Music

Last weekend, March 7, 2010, I went to see DJ Champion at Sugar Nightclub, here in Victoria. House music is not my first choice for listening, but I can wash some serious dishes to it. Drop some sweet vocals and get five guitarists to create a wall of sound and you have: “the best dance party in Victoria”, according to Sara P., a local radio DJ from the Zone (91.3 FM).  A friend described the band as being: “the Led Zeppelin of House music”.


The best part of the night was a guy who was either a body builder or a mixed martial artist asking me in a thick Eastern European accent, “Do you think they will play the song I’m So Big?”. I said, ‘Of course, it is one of their big hits”. He was so anxious he went to to the bar to get a pen and a piece of paper. He walked past me and flashed a sign reading SO BIG.


DJ Champion and the G-Strings played I’m So Big for their encore. Buddy was so pumped for this song, it was the best part of my night. Training is hard, and can mess with your mind. Any music that can get you through the pain of training is something worth celebrating. I was there for a friend’s birthday party, and we all had an awesome time; but how happy this guy was hearing his favorite workout song added extra meaning to the music of DJ Champion.


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