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History of Tranquille

History of Tranquille

Jordan KeatsMarch 31/ 2008 From the Inside Out: A Brief History of Tranquille From 1970 to 1984, the City of Kamloops, in British Columbia, underwent an economic bust. Its boom started with the completion of the Trans Canada Highway in 1964, and was enhanced by completion of the Yellowhead Highway in 1970. These highways, alongside […]

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Peter Smith Interview: Tranquille Essay

The Full interview with Peter Smith Hi Peter, First off, thanks for providing your experience to my project. For your info, the thesis is the human element of institutions such as Tranquille, and to a lesser extent Woodlands. Yet, I want more than the aspect of abuse to be focused upon, because of the lack […]

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Coming out of the Wilderness – H.D. Thoreau Memoir

To Whom It May Concern, Due to my department from academia I have attempted to distance myself from the arbitrary constraints that have come to influence my actions and reconnect to the earth as a machine that survives merely to sustain itself. Some may consider this opinion to be narcissistic or reclusive but the comfortable […]

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Skate And Die

To The Mayor Of Victoria, Your Honour, I am writing this letter in regards to the criminal breeding ground that is commonly known as a Skateboarding Park. I live in the Vic West area and have observed more crime taking place in this “Recreational Park” than in the downtown core as a whole. From first […]

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Issue Analysis – Tar Nation

Nationally, Canada has a decision to make: boost the economy or protect the environment. The global demand for oil is growing, as the resource is declining, bringing Canada’s northern reserves into the spotlight as the spare tank for North America’s requirements. It has been stated that there are enough resources, at the Athabasca tar sands, […]

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Week 11: Shake Off All That Hate

“Trust Me, In These Parts, Hot Dogs Actually Repel Bears” by Ian Fraser: This is a humorous piece where Fraser parlays his experience as an inexperienced traveler. The title insinuates that there would be a situation of someone trying to ward off a bear with a Hot Dog but there is no such scene. He […]

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