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Week 11: Shake Off All That Hate

“Trust Me, In These Parts, Hot Dogs Actually Repel Bears” by Ian Fraser: This is a humorous piece where Fraser parlays his experience as an inexperienced traveler. The title insinuates that there would be a situation of someone trying to ward off a bear with a Hot Dog but there is no such scene. He […]

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Week 10: enecS ehT nO kcaB

The Comics by Arthur Asa Berger: In Berger’s review he explains how and why comic strips have impacted our lives. He uses Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes as one example of how a caption can be used as more than just a funny strip. Comics can hold some undesirable qualities, which Berger touches on, like […]

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Week Nine: Right/Write About Now

Exposing Ourselves in South Park by Tessa Sproule:I have always been taught to avoid the use of clichés like they were the plague but Sproule spends clichés like a millionaire. Her subject is relevant and her observations hit the nail right on the head but her use of clichés throws off the wealth of knowledge […]

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Week Eight: Love Me or Leave Me Alone

Water Incorporated by Maude Barlow: An informative yet depressing essay about the threat to the world’s water supply. We recently covered this topic in our geography class and it was also the subject of one of the Canadian Voices lectures. Looking at this piece as a persuasive essay, Barlow lays out the facts and creates […]

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Week Seven/Eight: A Clock With No Hands

Filling the Open Mind in the Information Age by Wiley Miller, It is nice to have a break from the literature with a comic and not one that is as watered-down as the For Better or Worse caption, previously in the readings, by Lynn Johnston. This piece is relevant to my next essay in which […]

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Week Five/Six: See Positivity

My Body Is My Own Business by Naheed Mustafa: Mustafa’s piece is an expression of the tribulations women, in this case Muslim women, go through growing up and living in the western world. Recently I wrote an essay, for philosophy class, on Canada’s military presence in Afghanistan, my perspective was like that of Mustafa and […]

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Week Four or Five: Ketchup on Toast

A Walk on The Wild Side by Alice Munro: This piece was great, except for the point Munro made about how she prefers Ontario’s landscape over British Columbia’s. People do enjoy Ontario but the Canadian Shield has turned from escarpments into a borderline toxic waste dump, and Munro touches on this point. It is a […]

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