Week Two: Badly Drawn Boy

Have you heard the rock band Badly Drawn Boy? Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t they change their name to Poorly Drawn Boy and then drop off the face of the earth? Why would they change the name? It makes it look like they never noticed the grammer mistake to begin with instead of keeping the clever type-o as their gimmic. Conform! Conform!
This week’s reading, was Reading Ourselves And The World Around Us by Alberto Manuel, was about a young man learning to read. In doing so he draws a picture of a boy using the letters b,o,y. While reading this I envisioned his drawing and thought about what a picture like that would look like and ran some scenarios in my head. The first way the boy ended up with only one leg and a exagerated crotch. The second way I used the “b” as the body and he ended up with only one arm; What kind of pervese book would have a child drawing explicit diagrams of amputees to learn how to write or maybe I read it wrong.
Explorations: Writing From Life
Jessica Morell provides some helpful tips for composing a memoir essay. This is a great outline for this essay, which I am excited about, and contains what I need to know to do my topic correctly. I have chosen to write a memoir from the perspective of one of my idols, Henry David Thoreau. There is an option to post essay to blogger so watch for that essay to be posted.
Classmate Comments: shopaholic1818: Another LiveJournal, am I the only one using Blogger? I like the idea of you not having to be a dry writer any more, time to flex those creative muscles. It sounds like you are going to add some spice to this essay, when we finish, let’s compare!
mal003: I don’t want to be compared to this Blog, it has tonnes of detail and insight, no contest, you win. I think I missed something about not using blogger, I havent been able to add myself to Debbie’s LiveJournal. I hope this doesn’t cost me marks!