Week 10: enecS ehT nO kcaB

The Comics by Arthur Asa Berger: In Berger’s review he explains how and why comic strips have impacted our lives. He uses Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes as one example of how a caption can be used as more than just a funny strip. Comics can hold some undesirable qualities, which Berger touches on, like the enforcement of gender roles in Archie comics, but any controversy is drowned by their popularity. I felt as though I was drained after I read this piece because I was squinting to see what was going on in the strips. Overall I think this a well rounded overview but not a very good review. Where were the Freak Bros.?
How to write a review: By Zachary Schrag
This formula for reviewing is effective and useful. Critical reading is a difficult skill to learn and it is hard to tell when you are being constructive or a bastard. What I learned to focus on, which can be applied to editing, is provide more constructive criticism and not be concerned with being a bastard.
How to write a movie review:
A nine step guide for writing a movie review, I’m not a huge fan of formulas or movie reviews but this was actually interesting. What I dislike about this site is that one of the steps isn’t to be knowledgeable about the history of film. What I liked was that I found a couple more Baraka style films on this site, called Chronos and Dogora.
If anyone was wondering what this title means it is the title of a One Be Lo song. I found it applicable to this review because in the song there is a verse that goes “you should learn the difference between dissing and constructive criticism”. One Be Lo is one of those rare artists that is true to his art, unfortunately I will never see him perform because he has a criminal record that prevents him from coming into Canada.