Week Ten: New Zoo Review

Practice review:
Bama: Air Conditioning System For Rubber Boots,
While shopping for a pair of new work boots I discovered the Bama insert and was instantly taken aback. All those years of wearing plastic shopping bags on my feet, trying to keep my feet dry as I landscaped were over, and dry warm feet were on the horizon. Finding work boots that don’t leak or rip and fall apart is a chore. I have given up bothering, searching and spending. Ever since it has been either soaking wet sneakers and uncomfortable gumboots that leave blisters. This product not only promises dry but warm and comfortable feet. Do they work? Because I sure do.
When the salesman said the his wife wears then as slippers and can stand in a puddle with out getting her feet wet, I was sold. To stand the test of time is another story. The first day I wore them inside my sneakers, the grass was wet but there was no leakage and all day my feet were roastie-toastie. The next day of work was one of the worst days I have ever seen, rain so thick the ducks were running for cover, I stuck it out with the Bamas but had soggy socks by halfway through the day. This is not to say that the Bamas did not do their job but that I should have put my gumboots on. That was a bad move, I dried the foot pajamas out and tried them inside my gumboots. The outcome was incredible, not only did they warm my feet but they kept them dry and sweat free.
Overall, the Bama kept my feet comfortable in minimal amounts of wetness. While wearing sneakers or running shoes these slippers will not keep water out but put them inside of a classic gumboot and they provide stability that no standard gumboot offers. I would recomend this product because it provides a service that makes your day that much better, warm feet can make all the difference in whether or not you have a good day.