Week Four: UNB

After reading My Old Newcastle by David Adams Richards, I asked one of the people that I work with, that is from New Brunswick, if he could name one author from N.B. He went to university of New Brunswick, and received an Arts Degree, but he could not name any authors from NB. This is a great example of Canadian celebrities being overlooked and under represented, but I would bet dollars to doughnuts that if I asked anyone from P.E.I. if they know of any authors from the maritimes the would jump to L.M. Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables. David Richards piece talks about this situation of how New Brunswick is over-looked in our country. He provides his experience growing up in the maritimes and a comparison of what maritime life changed into within his lifetime. Richards doesn’t disagree with what has happened since N.B. has become industrialized but he portrays how it was much more poetically than what it has become. Even in my short lifetime I have noticed changes to my community and society, development of our quality of life has left a few things out. We will never participate in the same innocent acts as Richards and I did growing up, but that might not be a bad thing. Maybe this futuristic lifestyle we have all adopted will give authors like Richards a chance to be better exposed.

Explorations: How to write with Style by Kurt Vonnegut:
Vonnegut is one of my favorite authors and the writer of some my favorite books, the advice he gave in this paper won’t pass me by. His books, like Breakfast of Champions and Slapstick, contain a style that is recognizable just from flipping through the pages. The realism he writes with makes each story personal to the reader, using profanity and comedy to create dark satire is an example of an individual style.
Classmate Comments:
policecat: Well organized blog and probably the best I’ve seen so far. You really are coving the explorations and the readings, keep it up.
Imagine2006: Another Livejournal, I’m starting to see a pattern, but no explorations. The blog outline should have been clearer about that but I guess it is up to us to read the outline. Decent observations around the readings.