Week Four or Five: Ketchup on Toast

A Walk on The Wild Side by Alice Munro: This piece was great, except for the point Munro made about how she prefers Ontario’s landscape over British Columbia’s. People do enjoy Ontario but the Canadian Shield has turned from escarpments into a borderline toxic waste dump, and Munro touches on this point. It is a matter of preference but preferring the GTA over the West Coast is a bit distorted. Personally, I prefer tall trees and mountains to Lego land suburbia or the urban sprawl from Alberta to Ontario. Munro’s essay shares the same disdain, she is perturbed by the lack of green space and public property available for recreation in Ontario. The reality of this matter is that profit will always be chosen over public opinion, an example of this is how developers bulldozed the community gardens in South-Central Los Angeles so they could put condos on the plot. Munro’s plea should be aimed at the government to legislate green space, instead of preaching to the choir of citizens who have already realized this occurrence. Overall, this message should be said as much as possible and for someone like Munro to publish her views brings needed light to our quality of life, or lack thereof.

Letter to the A.S.P.C.A.
by E.B. White: Satire of the cynical style, White’s letter has the best sarcasm I have read in an essay, his topic of responding to an attack on this tired old dog is genius. He makes the arguement against him moot, by pointing out how trivial the scandal they are harassing him about is. That is often the best way to end an arguement, simply by exposing the attacker as a bully with too much opinion and not enough brains. Charlotte’s Web was one of the best books I read growing up and now I use The Elements of Style whenever I write, White has a legacy that is widespread but I wouldn’t have realized it unless I read the intro to the essay.
Explorations: DoSomething.org:
Cool, if I am looking for something else to complain about I know were to go. Just kidding, I am really not one to complain. After my analysis of the oil sands essay and doing research on global warming I became really depressed about how what I do myself doesn’t make any difference. What I have come to realize is that until the government creates legislation to curb emissions the problem won’t be solved, so all I can do is focus on finding someone to vote for that will make it come true. I wish I could give these guys money but I’m living off loans so that doesn’t make sense. Thanks to these guys for trying to spread awareness.
Classmate Comments: frogger954: While surfing through I noticed a thank you for peer-editing addressed to me, always a nice surprise. A Well maintained and organized LiveJournal site, I should have transferred over to that service when I had the chance. Keep up the good work, we are almost there!