Top 11: Cats & Saxophones.

The strange attraction between cats and saxophones has been well documented throughout history. Did you know that ancient Egyptians considered both cats and saxophones as gods? Probably not, because I just made that fact up. Regardless, enjoy these pictures of well-fed, vaccinated, super predators and their favourite instrument: the Straight Pipe, a.k.a the Goofus.

Cats love Saxophone Cases too:

Still curious as a cat? Looking for more interesting material to put your head into? Check out Ken Burns’ documentary: Jazz. It covers a hundred years of American jazz music, and is a must watch for any musician or music lover. Here’s a few samples:

Duke Ellington Dreaming:

Wynton Marcalis on Why Jazz is Great:

Here’s the Intro:

If you’re still looking for entertainment, why not explore some other posts on this site. I’m quite proud of this one: The Lost Art of Television Watching

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  • Jordon, when we were tweeting earlier and you said blog posts about social media and cats got good traffic, is THIS the cat post you were referring to? 😉

  • This is what I call a “Facebook” post. It looks harmless and cute, but it’s actually intended to persuade my distant relatives and highschool friends from the walled garden of fb to expand their horizons. Thanks for letting the cat out of the bag, Amber.nRegards, n Jordan