Saanich Police Social Media Article in Saanich News

Posterous is terrible at pulling images to facebook, so (if you see my cheesy avatar) click through to see the link.  

The Saanich Police Department social media training is one of a the most interesting communications projects I’ve had the pleasure to work on. Lots of legal issues to consider, lots of cool things they can do with twitter and facebook, and the media monitoring dashboard will be super useful.

Nice to see our work featured in the Saanich News:


Here’s the links to their newly redesigned social media accounts:

One of the most difficult parts of this project is the management and oversight of multiple community liason accounts for Facebook and Twitter and how to create trust and accountability while respecting citizen’s privacy.

Great design work on their Facebook and Twitter Pages by+Amee Nijjar Thanks for the opportunity +Stikky Media 

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