Music Post: Week Three of Serengeti Appreciation Month: Wishing for Whimsy Back #SAM

Serengeti’s other release from 2006 is Noodle Arm Whimsy.  Whimsy is THE essential Serengeti album. It doesn’t define the music Cohn is making today, but the vibe from this album is funny, interesting, and honest. Lots of skits and fantasy songs, like Tanning Season and Trophy Husband, and some songs to make you think, like Benji and Whimsy Cards. My roommate heard about this album on a MF DOOM forum, and was annoying the rest of the house by singing off-key to the hook of Seven Minutes:

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13_7_Minutes.mp3 (4882 KB)


Whimsy Cards is the only other song from Noodle Arm Whimsy without cursing.  We’ve been listening to this song for five years, and I still have no idea what it’s about.  

“She wrote short stories about a monster in a jar. Whose always looked at as an allegory for being alone”


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09_Whimsy_Cards.mp3 (2335 KB)

This whole album is fun, and dude. There’s even a reference to Spicoli:




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