Music Post #9: What if the Minimum Wage was $19 an Hour – Serengeti Appreciation Summer #music #hiphop

I read a review when Serengeti’s Noticeably Negro came out in 2007, and I can’t find who wrote it or where I found it; regardless, the woman who wrote about the album called it “sophomoric”, “misogynistic”, and panned N.N. as nothing special or just another rap album. Regarding a line on the title track about liking girls with “big mountains”, I agree with her. This is somewhat immature, but anyone familiar with Serengeti’s whimsical work knows he has plenty of rhymes but follows little reason. These guys kick unadulterated raps, thoughts of whatever interests them. Young men think about beautiful women. Build a bridge: get over it.

Noticeably Neeg offers more insight on life than most music on the charts today. The song: Bubble Bath, talks about raising the minimum wage to nineteen dollars an hour, and what life would be like if so: “Maybe the Wellington’s couldn’t get that porcelain table” , and “Folks couldn’t build a water skiing lake/ if the minimum wage was…”, and the end of “peasant squabbling”.

Constance Burris, from,  has a great review of N.N., and the song T.R.I.U.M.P.H., not to be confused with the Wu-Tang hit single of the same name. Burris notices how Noticeably Negro features gun shots, describes strip clubs, and buying porches, yet  “doesn’t glorify violence, sex or money”. Burris points to some meaningful lines from the song T.R.I.U.M.P.H., but I take more meaning from these:

Do you always want to be worried about worries?/ No. Neither does no one. The answer is Fun. The answer is always doing things you said you’d do/ I read the Tao of Pooh on a beach in Malibu […].
These words inspire me to fulfill more commitments, and enjoy myself when it’s at all possible in the process. For example, embarking on my last trip to California when I could have brushed it off after hitting numerous roadblocks, and finishing this Serengeti Appreciation Summer project. Like Geti says about having a hit record, in this interview, I wish I could afford to write and teach tai chi full time too: 


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Download Noticeably Negro by Serengeti on iTunes (It’s most definetly available):

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