Music Post #10: Don’t Give Up – Serengeti Appreciation Summer #music #hiphop

If You Can Feel What I’m Feeling Then It’s A Musical Masterpiece
If You Can Hear What I’m Dealing With Then That’s Cool At Least
– MCA (From the song Pass the Mic by the Beastie Boys)

Serengeti and Polyphonic’s first album, Don’t Give Up, takes time to love. Impose Magazine said, “Serengeti & Polyphonic have created an album that will likely get better with age”.  The combination of Polyphonic’s intense sounds with the unenthusiastic rhymes of Serengeti needs experiencing to be enjoyed. Listen to Eleven on headphones next time you are on a long boring drive. You’re life will get instantly more interesting. 

“Anyone who thinks they are avant garde is probably too stuck in intellect; music that lasts is usually not an experiment, but an experience”Chris Dedrick 

My initial impression of Don’t Give Up was unfavorable. There were a few a enduring songs mixed with a bunch of weirdo music that I would always skip. However, each of these songs has come to find a moment where they fit. Sunrise, accompanying me on an early morning practice; Puppy Dog Love, when a relationship was good; and A Slew of Things Differently, when things weren’t so good.


Serengeti & Polyphonic try to find all of the usuals of rap music on Don’t Give Up, and purposefully go against them in varying degrees, from many different angles, turning more rap into music, and more music into rapAudio 8

My roommate Rusto, the only person I know who listens to Geti (and reads these posts), told me about listening to Praha while walking through Prague finally getting it. To this day I still don’t know what Waste of Time or Don’t Fear the Mimes is about, but these songs make you feel the way the composer intends. I’ll admit, you will feel like a bit of a weirdo listening to Don’t Give Up, but normal is boring.


Probably the most anti-commercial rap album since Fear Of A Black Planet. It’s about time Tangible Sounds

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