Friday Night Fever – Serengeti Appreciation Year #SAY

In 2008, Breakfast Records released the album Friday Night, by the band Friday Night. The songs on Friday Night tell a wild story of a wild night, and the rise and fall of the characters of Dave and Umar.  Friday Night could be compared to the Streets’ album: A Grand Don’t Come For Free or Prince Paul’s: Prince Among Thieves; however, to compare this album with any previous record would be doing a disservice to the originality of Friday Night.

It’s no big secret Serengeti is a fan of “A Grand Don’t Come For Free”. His song, Puppydog Love, from the album Don’t Give Up, shares the first line with the Streets’ song “Could Well Be In“, and has the F word in it, but the two songs are much different. There are so many great songs by Geti beginning with a curse word, like “I Don’t Know“, and no radio edits. Here’s to hoping people can see through the swears and notice these awesome songs, but I digress.  

Friday Night tells the tongue-in-cheek story of Dave & Umar, as they embark on an ironic journey of consumption, arrogance, and luck. It’s an exaggerated tale of American life and overindulgence. These guys do it up real big: Canadian Club Whiskey, transvestites, and overdoses. The Friday Night, is Serengeti, Hi-Fidel, Grilla & Ish. Grilla and Ish are the producers behind Breakfast Records.

Consider the irony and cultural critique while listening. Need I say more?

“You know all that shitty drug, money and sex-saturated radio and party Rap everybody likes so much? Well, Serengeti and Hi-Fidel made an album making fun of it and managed not only do it better than all the chumps on the radio, but make the shit sound good in the process. Oh, and they made the whole album a continuous story that’s actually linear and compelling.”
                                                            – Imageyenation’s Best of 2008 A-Z

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And wait for my post about Saturday Night in the coming weeks, here’s a preview: I like it.

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